This is a space that holds a collection of my personal work and ideas

Measurement Tool for Google Maps JS API

A handy measurement widget for Google Maps API v3. The functionalities are implemented as close as to what current Google Maps offers.

<!-- html -->
<script src=""></script>

// Pass in the google maps instance to create the measure tool
const measureTool = new MeasureTool(map);

Snow Effect Overlay

Try the snow effect in your site with three lines of code

// Create a snow scene instance and
// mount it to the container element
const snow = new Snow(containerElement);
// To start
// To stop

CSS Houdini Leaf Effect

Leaf effect is a decorative border that uses CSS Houdini Paint API to bring special effect through background image or any where an image could be used. Try it out without writing any JavaScript!

<!-- html -->
<script src=""></script>
/* CSS */
.element {
  --leaf-variance: left;
  --leaf-size: 16;
  --leaf-color: #73CE8F;
  background-image: paint(leaf);